Accepted papers for PNPM 2001

Invited paper

What a Structural World
G. Ciardo

Application studies

On Petri Net-Based Modeling Paradigms for the Performance Analysis of Wireless Internet Accesses
Marco Ajmone Marsan, Marco Gribaudo, Michela Meo, Matteo Sereno

Dependability Assessment of an Industrial Programmable Logic Controller via Parametric Fault-Tree and High level Petri Net
Andrea Bobbio, Giuliana Franceschinis, Rossano Gaeta, Luigi Portinale

SWN Models of a Contact Center: a Case Study
Giuliana Franceschinis, Claudio Bertoncello, Guido Bruno, Giorgio Lungo Vaschetti, Antonio Pigozzi

Petri Net based Performance Evaluation of USAIA's Bandwidth Partitioning for the Wireless Cell Level
Dietmar Tutsch, Joachim Sokol

Simulation Based Performance Analysis of Web Servers
Lisa Wells, Soren Christensen, Lars M. Kristensen, Kjeld H. Mortensen

Analysis of Large Models

Embedded Processes in Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets
Gianfranco Balbo, Steve Bruell, Matteo Sereno

ompact Representations of Probability Distributions in the Analysis of Superposed GSPNs
Peter Buchholz, Peter Kemper

A Divide and Conquer Approach for the Performance Evaluation of Large Stochastic Petri Nets
Jörn Freiheit, Armin Zimmermann

Efficient Solution of GSPNs using Matrix Diagrams
Andrew Miner

Reachability Graph Construction

A Reachability Graph Construction Algorithm Based on Canonical Transition Firing Count Vectors
Giovanni Chiola, Ruben Carvajal-Schiaffino

Non-Markovian and Fluid Models

Concurrent Generalized Petri Nets: Regenerative Conditions
Simona Bernardi, Gianfranco Balbo

The Möbius Execution Policy
Daniel Deavours, William Sanders

Fluid Stochastic Petri Nets Augmented with Flush-out Arcs: Numerical Solution Techniques
Marco Gribaudo, András Horváth

Time Domain Analysis of NMSPNs with Preemptive Repeat Identical Type Transitions
András Horváth, Miklós Telek

On Phased Delay Stochastic Petri Nets: Definition and an Application
Rob Jones, Gianfranco Ciardo

Modeling and Analysis of Threshold Queues with Hysteresis using Stochastic Petri Nets: the Monoclass Cas
Bruno Tuffin, Louis-Marie Le Ny

Formal Foundation

Equivalence and Aggregation of GSPNs with Labeled Transitions
Peter Buchholz

A Comparison of the Expressiveness of SPA and Bounded SPN Models
Jane Hillston, Laura Recalde, Marina Ribaudo, Manuel Silva

sPBC: A Markovian Extension of Finite PBC
Hermenegilda Macia, Valentin Valero, David de Frutos-Escrig

Timed Nets

Multiple Enabledness of Transitions in Petri Nets with Time
Marc Boyer, Michel Diaz

Reachability and Temporal Conflicts in t-Time Petri Nets
Nicolas Riviere, Brigitte Pradin-Chezalviel, Robert Valette

Modeling Frameworks and Tools

The Möbius Modeling Tool
Graham Clark, Tod Courtney, David Daly, Dan Deavours, Salem Derisavi, Jay Doyle, William H. Sanders, Patrick Webster

Möbius: Framework and Atomic Models
Daniel Deavours, William Sanders