Accepted papers for MMB 2001

Invited papers

Trends in e-business: supply chain management and e-market places
Hansjörg Fromm

Using Performance Models to Dynamically Control E-Commerce Performance
Daniel Menascé

Submitted papers

The Inhomogeneous BMAP/G/infinty Queue
Lothar Breuer

An Analytical Model for a QoS Capable Cluster Interconnect
Eun Jung Kim, Ki Hwan Yum, Chita R. das

A Simulation Framework for the Performance Evaluation of Cache Hierarchies
Annette Schreiber, Johannes Luethi

Dynamic Priority Scheduling for Proportional Delay Differentiated Services
Lassaad Essafi, Günter Bolch, Hermann de Meer

Accelerating Mobile IP hand-offs through Link-layer Information
Nikolaus Fikouras, A.J. Könsgen, Carmelita Görg

Numerical Analysis of Bounded Fluid Models using Matrix Exponentiation
Marco Gribaudo, Reinhard German

A Systematic Method for Creating Performance Tests for E-Commerce Systems
Diwakar Krishnamurthy, Jerome Rolia, Martin Arlitt, Shikharesh Majumbar

Analysis of partial loss reward models and its application
Miklós Telek, Sandor Rácz

Fluid simulation of TCP flows
José Incera, Gerardo Rubino

Retrospective Pricing Models for Internet Services: Solving the Flat Rate Dilemma "à la Flensburg"
Peter Reichl, Burkhard Stiller, Hongguang Ma, Hasan, Jan Gerke, Placi Flury

Processing Times of Transaction Servers with Quality of Service Differentiation
Hands van den Berg, Bart Gijsen, Robert van der Mei, Martin Pikaart, Ralf Franken

Flows in networks of MAP/MAP/1 queues
Ramin Sadre, Boudewijn Haverkort

Performance Analysis of the Random Access Protocol in TETRAPOL Trunked Radio Networks
Peter Sievering, Dirk Kuypers

Verkehrsmodell und Dimensionierungsverfahren für IP-Backbone-Links
Franz Hartleb, Gerhard Haßlinger

A numerical analysis of a communication system with advanced reservations
Peter Buchholz, Sabine Kuehn, Frank Breiter

Measurement and Traffic Characterisation of H.26x-coded Video Streams
Martin Zaddach, Klaus Heidtmann

MAP Based Decomposition of Tandem Networks of ./PH/1(/K) Queues with MAP Input
Armin Heindl, Miklós Telek

Seawind: a Wireless Network Emulator
Markku Kojo, Andrei Gurtov, Jukka Manner, Pasi Sarolahti, Timo Alanko, Kimmo Raatikainen