Tutorial T2
Storage Systems
Eitan Bachmat
(Ben-Gurion Univ., Israel)
Alma Riska
(Seagate Research, USA)
Duration: 180 minutes
Storage systems represent the only unit that offers persistent storage of data and the slowest component in a computer systems. As such effective scheduling, caching, and redundancy are critical for the efficient and reliable operation of storage systems. Three decades ago, considerable effort was put on modeling and analysis of storage systems that resulted in many optimized disk scheduling algorithms, data redundancy schemes, and cache management techniques. The tutorial revisits these existing works with the intention of putting it into the perspective of the most recent advances in the architecture and operational environments of storage systems. The tutorial will explain why non-interruptability of jobs and the non-conserving nature of work are critical and how they affect scheduling, cache management, and data placement algorithms. The tutorial will identify new challenges faced by storage system designers and how the recent advances in modeling and performance evaluation can be applied in storage systems analysis.
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