Tutorial T4
Fluid Models in Performance Analysis
- Part I: Modeling with Fluid Stochastic Petri Nets
- Part II: Available analysis methods
Marco Gribaudo
(Univ. of Torino, Italy)
Miklós Telek
(Technical Univ. of Budapest, Hungary)
Duration: 180 minutes
The tutorial introduces the application of stochastic fluid models in performance analysis through various application examples and summarizes the solution methods available for the numerical analysis of these models. A high level modelling language, based on Fluid Stochastic Petri Nets is presented to describe fluid models in a more compact and graphical way.

Stochastic fluid models can be applied in a wide range of modeling cases. In the majority of the cases both the system modeling and the system analysis are more complex than with discrete Markov models, but within some limits both steps remain feasible.

The two parts of the tutorial discusses this two steps of performance analysis. The first part focuses on a modelling tool, the Fluid Stochastic Petri Net, and its use. The second part discusses the analytical background of the evaluation of various kinds of fluid models.

Application examples where the fluid models have been successfully used in the literature, will be presented to explain when fluid models really work in practice, and how to reduce the solution complexity.

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