Tool presentations (Tuesday 16:00-18:00) Chair: Andrew Miner
  • D-ITG: Distributed Internet Traffic Generator
    S. Avallone, D. Emma, S. Guadagno, A. Pescapè, G. Ventre
  • Visualization of Analysis Results in the ProC/B Toolset
    M. Arns, M. Fischer, C. Tepper, M. Völker
  • Performance Analysis with BenchIT: Portable, Flexible, Easy to Use
    Guido Juckeland, Michael Kluge, Wolfgang E. Nagel, Stefan Pflüger
  • PRISM 2.0: A Tool for Probabilistic Model Checking
    Marta Kwiatkowska, Gethin Norman, David Parker
  • Extended SWN solvers in GreatSPN
    J.M. Ilié, S. Baarir, M. Beccuti, C. Delamare, S. Donatelli, C. Dutheillet, G. Franceschinis, R. Gaeta, P. Moreaux, S. Alciati
  • Modeling and Evaluation with Object Stochastic Activity Networks
    Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi and Ali Movaghar
  • The Möbius Modeling Environment: Recent developments
    Tod Courtney, David Daly, Salem Derisavi, Shravan Gaonkar, Mark Griffith, Vinh Lam, William H. Sanders
  • TSMV: A Symbolic Model Checker for Quantitative Analysis of Systems
    Nicolas Markey and Philippe Schnoebelen
  • WALTy: A User Behavior Tailored Tool for Evaluating Web Application Performance
    Roberto Politi, Giancarlo Ruffo, Rossano Schifanella and Matteo Sereno
  • The ipc/HYDRA Tool Chain for the Analysis of PEPA Models
    Jeremy T. Bradley and William J. Knottenbelt
  • TwoTowers 4.0: Towards the Integration of Security Analysis and Performance Evaluation
    Alessandro Aldini and Marco Bernardo
  • SMART: the Stochastic Model checking Analyzer for Reliability and Timing
    Gianfranco Ciardo and Andrew S. Miner
  • UML-PSI: The UML Performance Simulator
    Moreno Marzolla and Simonetta Balsamo
  • XPRIT: an XML-based tool to translate UML diagrams into execution graphs and queueing networks
    Vittorio Cortellessa, Michele Gentile and Marco Puzziti
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