Reaching Enschede and Hengelo

By Plane

Via Amsterdam--Schiphol
Amsterdam--Schiphol (AMS) is connected to the major cities of the world. From Schiphol, Enschede and Hengelo can be most convenienty reached by train. Train schedules are online available. Go from Station Schiphol to Hengelo or Enschede. The ride on the train takes about 2.5 hours. Schiphol Airport offers also a Taxi Service to every point in the Netherlands. For Enschede, it costs 49 Euro/Person, or 84 Euro/Person for a return ticket. For more information on Schiphol Airport, see
Via Münster/Osnabrück (Germany)
On the german side of the border is the smaller airport "Münster/Osnabrück" (FMO). It connects with the larger german hubs (Frankfurt/Main, Munich), but has also some few direct flights from/to some larger european cities (e.g. Copenhagen, Rome, London). Have a look at the Flight Schedule. From FMO you have to take the Bus to Münster Hauptbahnhof (= Central Station) and then a direct train to Enschede (takes in total approx 2 hours from the airport to Enschede). If you prefer to rent a car, you will be much faster in Enschede.

By Train

Hengelo lies directly at the internation train route from Amsterdam to Berlin (Germany). International trains from Berlin via Hannover to Hengelo go three times a day. Have a look at the Train schedule.


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