11th GI/ITG Conference on
Measuring, Modelling and Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems

September 11-14, 2001
RWTH Aachen, Germany

Department of Computer Science
Laboratory for Performance Evaluation and Distributed Systems

MMB 2001 will be hosted at the RWTH Aachen as part of the the 2001 Aachen International Multiconference on Measurement, Modelling, and Evaluation of Computer-Communication Systems. Please follow this link for general information, such as location, accomodation, registration and travelling. A printable call for papers for MMB 2001 can be found here: (ps, 172 kB) or (pdf, 97 kB).


The objective of the MMB conference is to be a major forum for the presentation of original contributions and applications of measurement- and model-based performance and dependability evaluation techniques. Topics of interest include but are not limited to analytical, numerical and simulative evaluation techniques and tools; performance, dependability and performability evaluation; measurements and benchmarking techniques and tools; tools and modeling frameworks; traffic characterisation; applications in communications, real-time and embedded systems, and computer architecture, as well as in emerging areas such as Internet, WWW, wireless systems, computer security, e- and m-business.


The submission deadlines have all been passed by now. The contributing authors need to submit their final CRC (see below). The list of accepted papers can be found here.


The MMB 2001 proceedings will be published by VDE Verlag. All authors of accepted papers are requested to submit their final camera-ready copy electronically to Boudewijn Haverkort in either PS or PDF format (possible gzipped and/or uuencoded). You may also mail a URL from which the final CRC can be downloaded. Please indicate clearly the conference name and paper number in the subject field of your message. The final papers may not exceed 16 pages in length. CRC submission deadline is July 1, 2001. You will not be required to fill out a copyright transfer form. However, you should take notice of this message from VDE Verlag, which states that you implicitly transfer the copyright upon submission of the final CRC.

For authors formatting their paper with Latex, the style file mmb.sty (a simple extension of a4wide.sty) has been made. Please use this style sheet! To see how to use this style sheet, and to see how other Latex options should be set, please download the following file: example.tex. The final required layout can be viewed here: example.ps or example.pdf.

For those using other text processing systems, the following remarks apply. Roughly speaking, when printing on DIN A4 size paper (210 times 297 mm) the text body is 161 times 250 mm and the left, right, top and bottom margins are about 25 mm. When printing on other paper sizes, e.g., US letter, take care to have a similar text body, centered horizontally and vertically on the page. Do not use page numbers.

We have to insist on using a 12 point roman font since for the final proceedings a reduction of around 75% will take place. The abstract is set in 11 point roman font; its header is set in 11pt bold roman. Section headings are all set in bold roman font. In citing the bibliographic items, use the numerical scheme, that is, [1,2] etc. Also when you are not using Latex, please download the file example.ps or example.pdf to see an example of how your final paper should be formatted.


General Chair and Local Arrangements
  Boudewijn Haverkort, RWTH Aachen, Germany.

Tools Chair
  Peter Kemper, University of Dortmund, Germany.

Tutorials Chair
  Holger Hermanns, University of Twente, the Netherlands.


D. Baum (Uni Trier)
H. Beilner (Uni Dortmund)
J.L. van den Berg (KPN Research)
G. Bolch (Uni Erlangen)
P. Buchholz (Uni Dresden)
A. Feldmann (Uni Saarbrücken)
C. Görg (Uni Bremen)
W. Gürich (FZ Jülich)
G. Haring (Uni Wien)
H. Hermanns (Uni Twente)
U. Herzog (Uni Erlangen)
G. Hommel (TU Berlin)
K. Irmscher (Uni Leipzig)
U. Krieger (T-Nova)
P.J. Kühn (Uni Stuttgart)
A. Lehmann (Uni BW München)
F. Lehmann (Uni BW München)
R. Lehnert (Uni Dresden)
E. Maehle (MU Lübeck)
H. de Meer (UC London)
B. Müller-Clostermann (Uni Essen)
J. Oehlerich (Siemens AG)
M. Paterok (IBM Heidelberg)
M. Reiser (GMD)
G. Rößler (Tenovis)
M. Schuba (Ericsson)
H. Szczerbicka (Uni Hannover)
O. Spaniol (RWTH Aachen)
C. Strelen (Uni Bonn)
P. Tran-Gia (Uni Würzburg)
B. Walke (RWTH Aachen)

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