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Travel information

By Air - Participants flying to Budapest will arrive at Ferihegy airports 1, 2A or 2B, near to each other. From the airport taxi cabs or airport shuttle buses provide door to door services (to your hotel). Shuttle bus services can be ordered at the central information desk in the arrival lobby for ca. 10-15 Euros, one way. Back to the airport you can order this service from your hotel a day before your departure.

By Road - Hungary can be approached from all neighboring countries on several highways. The main ones are tollways. Passes can be purchased at petrol stations or virtual passes by SMS. They are available for 4, 10 days or for a month as given at the Hungarian motorway portal. Drivers from the West should take the M1 tollway from the direction of Vienna.

By Rail - International trains can stop at one of three railway stations in the heart of Budapest, arriving either at Nyugati (Western), Keleti (Eastern) or Déli (Southern) stations. Each station is well within an hour from the conference venue.

Public transportation in Budapest

It is extensive, realiable and not too expensive. Fares can only be paid on board in a few cases, and there are fines for traveling without a validated ticket. Tickets are valid for one ride only, except on underground, where it is valid within 60 min also for change. A new ticket must be used every time you change lines. Tickets can be purchased at underground stations, hotels, newspaper kiosks and tobacco shops. Tickets cost ca. 1€ (Euro). Some special passes are also available. Check the official fares page of the Public Transportation Company (BKV).

Foreign exchange

Participants are recommended to exchange some money to Hungarian Forints (HUF) at arrival, there are several ATMs at the airport, at the railway stations and all over the city. (Banks in Hungary are open generally between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, but several exchanging kiosks can be found in the city and in shopping centers.)

Exchange rate is around: 1€ (Euro) = 280 HUF (Hungarian Forint)