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Accepted Papers

Farshad Shams and Mirco Tribastone. Power Trading Coordination in Smart Grids Using Dynamic Learning and Coalitional Game Theory.

Anne Bouillard, Ana Busic and Christelle Rovetta. Perfect sampling for multiclass closed queueing networks.

Hiroyuki Okamura and Tadashi Dohi. mapfit: An R-based tool for PH/MAP parameter estimation.

Andrea Marin and Sabina Rossi. Lumping-based equivalences in Markovian automata and applications to product-form analyses.

John Mace, Charles Morisset and Aad van Moorsel. Impact of Policy Design on Workflow Resiliency Computation Time.

Jean-Michel Fourneau and Nihal Pekergin. A Numerical Analysis of Dynamical Fault Trees based on Stochastic Bounds.

Asser Tantawi. Quantitative Placement of Services in Hierarchical Clouds.

Ulya Bayram, Kristin Y. Rozier and Eric Rozier. Characterizing Data Dependence Constraints for Dynamic Reliability Using N-Queens Attack Domains.

Si Liu, Son Nguyen, Jatin Ganhotra, Muntasir Raihan Rahman, Indranil Gupta and Jose Meseguer. Quantitative Analysis of Consistency in NoSQL Key-value Stores.

Tomas Brazdil, Lubos Korenciak, Jan Krcal, Petr Novotny and Vojtech Rehak. Optimizing Performance of Continuous-Time Stochastic Systems using Timeout Synthesis.

Luca Bortolussi, Dimitrios Milios and Guido Sanguinetti. U-check: Model Checking and Parameter Synthesis under Uncertainty.

Varun Badrinath Krishna, Gabriel A. Weaver and William H. Sanders. PCA-Based Method for Detecting Integrity Attacks on Advanced Metering Infrastructure.

Lorenzo Capra, Massimiliano De Pierro and Giuliana Franceschinis. Computing structural properties of Symmetric Nets.

Yang Gao and Martin Fränzle. A Solving Procedure for Stochastic Satisfiability Modulo Theories with Continuous Domain.

Pontus Boström, Mikko Heikkilä, Mikko Huova, Marina Waldén and Matti Linjama. Bayesian statistical analysis for performance evaluation in real-time control systems.

Peter Popov, Kizito Salako and Vladimir Stankovic. Stochastic modeling for performance evaluation of database replication protocols.

Laura Carnevali, Christopher Nugent, Fulvio Patara and Enrico Vicario. Quantitative evaluation of continuous time in activity recognition for ambient assisted living.

Gerardo Rubino. Power and efficiency in queueing systems.

Michael Bungert, Holger Hermanns and Reza Pulungan. A Compression App for Continuous Probability Distributions.

Dec 2014
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