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9th International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of SysTems (QEST) 2012


The first tutorial will be held in the morning of Monday 17 September 2012 and the second one in the afternoon.

Markovian Agent Models

by A. Bobbio, D. Cerotti and M. Gribaudo

This tutorial introduces the formalism known as Markovian Agents. In particular it will start by presenting the basic formalism, and then it will gradually increase the power of the technique to consider more advanced features. At the end, mobile agents, belonging to different classes and capable of communicating with several types of messages will be discussed. Several applications, in particular in the field of communication networks, will be presented to show how Markovian Agents can be used in practice.

From QoS to QoE through perceptual quality

by Sofiene Jelassi, Gerardo Rubino and Kamal Singh

The goals of this tutorial are as follows: to describe the unsuitability of legacy system-centric techniques designed to evaluate performance of different services, to survey existing user-centric assessment techniques for perceptual quality assessment in today's dominant case of voice, audio or video applications, to describe PSQA (Pseudo-Subjective Quality Assessment), a proposal for objective quality assessment, and then, to present the novel emerging Quality of Experience (QoE) concepts and the associated challenges that need to be addressed.


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