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Accepted tool papers

The following 15 tool papers have been accepted for the conference. The programme will follow.

  1. Title: PARTES: Performance Analysis of Real-Time Embedded Systems
    Authors: Benjamin Gorry, Andrew Ireland, Peter King
    Emails: beng[at], air[at], pjbk[at]

  2. Title: A Performance Analysis Tool for Scenario-Aware Streaming Applications
    Authors: Bart Theelen
    Emails: B.D.Theelen[at]

  3. Title: The PEPA Plug-in Project
    Authors: Micro Tribastone
    Emails: mtribast[at]

  4. Title: GRIP: Generic Representatives in PRISM
    Authors: A.F. Donaldson, A. Miller, D. Parker
    Emails: ally[at], alice[at], dxp[at]

  5. Title: The ipclib PEPA Library
    Authors: Allan Clark
    Email: a.d.clark[at]

  6. Title: Design of Experiments within the Möbius Modeling Environment
    Authors: Tod Courtney, Shravan Gaonkar, Michael McQuinn, Eric Rozier, William Sanders, Patrick Webster
    Emails: tod[at], gaonkar[at], mmcquinn[at], ewdr[at], whs[at], patrickwebster[at]

  7. Title: ProbDiVinE: A Parallel Qualitative LTL Model Checker
    Authors: Jiri Barnat, L. Brim, I. Cerna, M. Ceska, J. Tumova
    Emails: xbarnat[at], brim[at], cerna[at], xtumova[at], xceska[at]

  8. Title: PEPS2007 - Stochastic Automata Networks Software Tool
    Authors: L. Brenner, P. Fernandes, Brigitte Plateau, I. Sbeity
    Emails: leonardo.brenner[at], paulo.fernandes[at], brigitte.plateau[at], ihab.sbeity[at]

  9. Title: Cluster Grid based Response-time analysis module for the PIPE tool
    Authors: Harini Kulatunga, Ashok Argent-Katwala, William Knottenbelt
    Emails: hkulatun[at], ashok[at], wjk[at]

  10. Title: PSI2 a Software Tool for the Perfect Simulation of Finite Queueing Networks
    Authors: Jean-Marc Vincent and Jerome Vienne
    Emails: Jean-Marc.Vincent[at], Jerome.Vienne[at]

  11. Title: A Productivity Centered Tools Framework for Application Performance Tuning
    Authors: H. Wen, S. Sbaraglia, S. Seelam, I. Chung, G. Cong, D. Klepacki
    Emails: hfwen[at], ssbarag[at], sseelam[at], ihchung[at], gcong[at], klepacki[at]

  12. Title: Quantile Estimation for Performance Measures in Network Simulations with CINSim
    Authors: Daniel Ludtke, Dietmar Tutsch, Matthias Kuhm
    Emails: dluedtke[at], dietmart[at], kuehm[at]

  13. Title: CUT: Combining stochastic ordering and censoring to bound steady-state rewards and first passage time
    Authors: Jean-Michel Fourneau, Nihal Pekergin, Sana Younes
    Emails: jmf[at], nih[at], sayo[at]

  14. Title: Distritrack: Automated Average-Case Analysis
    Authors: David Hickey
    Emails: d.hickey[at]

  15. Title: A Framework to Design and Solve Markov Decision Well-formed Net Models
    Authors: M. Beccuti, D. Codetta-Raiteri, G. Franceschinis, S. Haddad
    Emails: beccuti[at], raiteri[at], giuliana[at], haddad[at]

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