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Graduate Symposium

The graduate symposium will take place on the evening of Sunday 16th September. It will coincide with the welcome reception for the conference. The registration desk will be open and delegates can register and collect their conference proceedings in advance of the start of the technical sessions on Monday.

Selected graduate students will present a poster on their recent work to attendees at the reception.

List of accepted posters

  1. Title: UML-based simulation of AODV with SYNTONY
    Author: Isabel Dietrich (University of Erlangen)

  2. Title: The Duality of State and Observations
    Author: Monica Dinculescu (McGill University)

  3. Title: Performance Evaluation for a Content Adaptation System
    Author: Jie Ding (University of Edinburgh)

  4. Title: Transformations Guided by Static Analysis: The Hume Approach Towards Time and Space Guarantees
    Author: Gudmund Grov (Heriot-Watt University)

  5. Title: Game-based Probabilistic Predicate Abstraction in PRISM
    Author: Mark Kattenbelt (University of Birmingham)

  6. Title: Network Reorganization Model: A Novel Simulation Model for MANET Routing Protocols
    Authors: Yan Li and Peter J.B. King (Heriot-Watt University)

  7. Title: CSL model checking algorithms for infinite-state structured Markov chains
    Authors: Anne Remke and Boudewijn R. Haverkort (University of Twente)

  8. Title: A Symbolic Multilevel Algorithm
    Author: Johann Schuster (University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich)

  9. Title: Stochastic Model Extraction
    Author: Michael Smith (University of Edinburgh)

  10. Title: Lax Probabilistic Bisimulation Under Related Actions
    Author: Jonathan Taylor (McGill University)

  11. Title: Performance Analysis of Hierarchical Mobile IPv6
    Author: Hao Wang (University of Edinburgh)

  12. Title: PReMo: An analyzer for Probabilistic Recursive Models
    Authors: Dominik Wojtczak and Kousha Etessami (University of Edinburgh)

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