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8.00-9:00 Registration
9.00-9:30 Opening
9.30-10.30 Invited Talk: Jean-Yves Le Boudec (Networking)
10.30-11.00 Session 1: Networking
10.30-11.00 Packet Buffering Strategies for Network Processing
Girish Chandramohan and Govindarajan Ramaswamy.
11.00-11.30 Coffee/tea break
11.30-1.00 Session 2: Specification formalisms
11.30-12.00 CSLTA: an Expressive Logic for Continuous-Time Markov Chains
Susanna Donatelli, Serge Haddad and Jeremy Sproston.
12.00-12.30 Performance Trees: Expressiveness and Quantitative Semantics
Tamas Suto, Jeremy Bradley and William Knottenbelt.
12.30-12.40 Cluster Grid based Response-time analysis module for the PIPE tool
Harini Kulatunga, Ashok Argent-Katwala, William Knottenbelt.
12.40-12.50 The PEPA Plug-in Project
Micro Tribastone.
12.50-1.00 The ipclib PEPA Library
Allan Clark.
1.00-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.30 Session 3: Performance analysis
2.00-2.30 Close form derivation of state-density functions over DBM domains in the analysis of non-markovian models
Luigi Sassoli and Enrico Vicario.
2.30-3.00 A Central Limit Theorem Version of the Response Time Law
Takayuki Osogami.
3.00-3.30 Simultaneous Transient Analysis of QBD Markov Chains for all Initial Configurations using a Level Based Recursion
Jeroen Van Velthoven, Benny Van Houdt and Chris Blondia.
3.30-4.00 Coffee/tea break
4.00-5.30 Session 4: Automated model analysis
4.00-4.30 Interchange Formats for Performance Models: Experimentation and Output
Connie Smith, Catalina Lladó, Lloyd Williams and Ramon Puigjaner.
4.30-5.00 Automated Analysis of Simulation Traces - Separating Progress from Repetitive Behavior
Peter Kemper and Carsten Tepper.
5.00-5.10 Quantile Estimation for Performance Measures in Network Simulations with CINSim
Daniel Ludtke, Dietmar Tutsch, Matthias Kuhm.
5.10-5.20 PSI2 a Software Tool for the Perfect Simulation of Finite Queueing Networks
Jean-Marc Vincent and Jerome Vienne.
5.20-5.30 GRIP: Generic Representatives in PRISM
A.F. Donaldson, A. Miller, D. Parker.
7.00 PM Whisky tasting event

8.00-9:00 Registration
9.00-10.00 Invited Talk: Robert Givan (AI planning, MDP)
10.00-11.00 Session 5: Model Checking
10.00-10.30 Probabilistic Model-Checking Support for FMEA
Lars Grunske, Robert Colvin and Kirsten Winter.
10.30-11.00 Probabilistic Model Checking Modulo Theories
Björn Wachter, Lijun Zhang and Holger Hermanns.
11.00-11.30 Coffee/tea break
11.30-1.00 Session 6: Symbolic analysis of Markov chains
11.30-12.00 Signature-based Symbolic Algorithm for Optimal Markov Chain Lumping
Salem Derisavi.
12.00-12.30 Dependability Analysis with Markov Chains: How Symmetries Improve Symbolic Computations
Michael McQuinn, Peter Kemper and William Sanders.
12.30-12.40 Design of Experiments within the Möbius Modeling Environmen
Tod Courtney, Shravan Gaonkar, Michael McQuinn, Eric Rozier, William Sanders, Patrick Webster.
12.40-12.50 PEPS2007 - Stochastic Automata Networks Software Tool
L. Brenner, P. Fernandes, Brigitte Plateau, I. Sbeity.
12.50-1.00 A Framework to Design and Solve Markov Decision Well-formed Net Models
M. Beccuti, D. Codetta-Raiteri, G. Franceschinis, S. Haddad.
1.00-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.30 Session 7: Process algebra
2.00-2.30 Model checking the probabilistic pi-calculus
Gethin Norman, Catuscia Palamidessi, David Parker and Peng Wu.
2.30-3.00 Symbolic Bisimulations for Probabilistic Systems
Peng Wu, Catuscia Palamidessi and Huimin Lin.
3.00-3.30 Basic Observables for Probabilistic May Testing
Maria Carla Palmeri, Rocco De Nicola and Mieke Massink.
3.30-4.00 Coffee/tea break
4.00-5.00 Session 8: Performance models
4.00-4.30 Performance Modeling of a Quorum Pattern in Layered Service Systems
Tariq Omari, Salem Derisavi, Greg Franks and Murray Woodside.
4.30-4.40 CUT: Combining stochastic ordering and censoring to bound steady-state rewards and first passage time
Jean-Michel Fourneau, Nihal Pekergin, Sana Younes.
4.40-4.50 Distritrack: Automated Average-Case Analysis
David Hickey.
4.50-5.00 ProbDiVinE: A Parallel Qualitative LTL Model Checker
Jiri Barnat, L. Brim, I. Cerna, M. Ceska, J. Tumova.
7.00 PM Conference dinner in the Playfair Library of Old College

8.00-9:00 Registration
9.00-10.00 Invited Talk: Luca Cardelli (Systems Biology)
10.00-11.00 Session 9: Stochastic logic
10.00-10.30 Stochastic game logic
Marcus Groesser, Christel Baier, Antonin Kucera and Tomas Brazdil.
10.30-11.00 Qualitative Logics and Equivalences for Probabilistic Systems Axel Legay, Krishnendu Chatterjee, Luca de Alfaro and Marco Faella.
11.00-11.30 Coffee/tea break
11.30-1.00 Session 10: System modelling
11.30-12.00 A business-oriented load dispatching framework for online auction sites
Daniel Menasce and Vasudeva Akula.
12.00-12.30 Analysis of Local Address Scanning by Puppetnets
David Nicol.
12.30-12.40 A Performance Analysis Tool for Scenario-Aware Streaming Applications
Bart Theelen.
12.40-12.50 PARTES: Performance Analysis of Real-Time Embedded Systems
Benjamin Gorry, Andrew Ireland, Peter King.
12.50-1.00 A Productivity Centered Tools Framework for Application Performance Tuning
H. Wen, S. Sbaraglia, S. Seelam, I. Chung, G. Cong, D. Klepacki.
1.00-2.00 Lunch
2.00-3.00 Session 11: Performance analysis 2
2.00-2.30 Sample Path Analysis of Busy Periods and Related First Passages of a Correlated MEP/MEP/1 System
Chaitanya Garikiparthi, Appie Van de Liefvoort and Kenneth Mitchell.
2.30-3.00 Closed G-networks with Resets: product form solution
Jean Michel Fourneau.
3.00-3.30 Coffee/tea break
3.30-5.00 Town meeting
6.00 PM Joint reception with CMSB in the Fellows Library of the Royal College of Surgeons.

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